Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday October 9th

Monday, October 9th

Khao Kheow C & A.

1st Michael Brett (15) 36 points

2nd Craig Dows (4) 32 points

3rd Gary Smith (5) 30 points

Near pins Paul Smirh, & Gary Smith X 2.

After the A nine has been closed for at least six months for maintenance we finally got to play it today and it has to be said it was difficult to find anything different or better about it. In fact, it was somewhat of a disappointment, in particular the greens which were slow and bumpy as they were also on the C nine.

A bright sunny day with a slight breeze made for nice conditions and the course wasn’t particularly busy so we got around at a reasonable pace. Back to low scores again with only one player, Michael Brett posting a decent score of thirty-six points. Craig Dows took second with thirty-two points with Gary Smith a further two back in third. Gary Smith managed to snag two near pins with Paul Smith taking one and one was unclaimed.


Wednesday, October 11th

St Andrews

1st Niall Glover (12) 37 points

2nd Rob Newman (8) 35 points

3rd Greg Berry (15) 33 points

Near pins Kob Glover X 3.

A day to forget for our last game at St Andrew’s until pricing sanity returns to normal. We were out behind the five-ball from hell, ridiculously slow and inconsiderate, will Thailand ever get away from slow five-ball groups? To make matters worse mid-round we got hit with an almighty thunderstorm which lasted about twenty minutes, overall the round took over five hours.

Despite several locals staying away since they didn’t like the course we still had a decent showing. Scoring was average with Niall Glover taking first place with thirty-seven points. First-timer Rob Newman was second with thirty-five points whilst Greg Berry took third with thirty-three points even though he wiped the last two holes. The only one to make a stand on the near pins was Kob Glover who took three with the difficult seventeenth unclaimed. We expect a big roll-up for one of our infrequent visits to Mountain Shadow on Friday.


Friday, October 13th

Mountain Shadow

1st Greg Berry (15) 35 points

2nd Mick McMahon (13) 35 points

3rd Mark Williams (15) 33 points

4th Niall Glover (12) 30 points

Near pins Neil Jones, Mick McMahon, & Niall Glover.

The last game of the week was played at the seldom-visited Mountain Shadow course, given the reported fees at other courses over high season it looks like we will be frequent visitors for the future high season. Despite several absentees, again we still had another good roll-up. The course was in good condition given the recent rain although some found the greens on the slow side.

Scoring was ok given that most find Mountain Shadow a difficult course. Greg Berry who after an extended period struggling with his game is finding good form again and took first place with thirty-five points, his second thirty-five in a row. Mick McMahon also had thirty-five points beaten into second place on countback. Mark Williams took third with thirty-three with Niall Glover bringing up the rear with thirty points. For the third time this week, only three of the four near pins available were taken going to Neil Jones, Mick McMahon, & Niall Glover.

A word of caution to anyone intending to play there soon, a swarm of aggressive bees occupies the shelter at the eight tee so best to avoid it if possible, one player got stung there.

Michael Brett, winner at Khao Kheow