Bunker Boys Golf Report – Monday October 2nd

Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday October 2nd.
Greenwood C & B, White tees.
1st Niall Glover (14) 37 points
2nd Paul Smith (3) 35 points
3rd David Playford (9) 35 points
Near pins Witt Mann, Bil Richardson, Paul Smith & Michael Brett.
The first game of a new month was played at Greenwood on the C & B nines. As has been the case lately the course was damp with a few mudballs here and there. Once again speed of play was slow, not quite as bad as last week but still too slow for most.
Pleasing to report that scoring was back somewhere approaching normal after two weeks of low numbers, lets hope the trend continues. Niall Glover took first place with a decent score of thirty-seven points, his best for a few games. Paul Smith and David Playford were second and third respectively on countback, both with thirty-five points. All the near pins were taken today in what was a very competitive game with a couple of measures taken to decide the closest. Witt Mann, Bil Richardson, Paul Smith, and Michael Brett were the winners with one each.
After several requests, we are pleased to advise that Bunker Boys Golf shirts will be available within two weeks. This time we have one design with two colour combinations, cerise and navy, and navy and light blue, we expect these to sell out quickly so get in early, if demand is strong we can order additional shirts, the original consignment is for sixty shirts
Wednesday, October 4th
Burapha C & D.
1st Craig Dows (4) 41 points
2nd Gary Smith (6) 38 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (19) 38 points
Near pins Niall Glover, Gary Smith, Alan Sullivan, & Michael Brett
Back to Burapha for the second game of the month where we were allocated the C & D nines yet again. The fairways were quite decent however the greens were very woolly and bumpy, and the bunkers were quite disgraceful, compacted hard sand in most with mud and water in others. For a course of this standing, one would have expected that the ground staff would have drained them and made some effort to fix them up where the sand had been washed away.
A course that yields decent scores, came through again today with some excellent cards returned. the lowest score was thirty points. Off a handicap of four and with twenty-three points on the front nine Craig Dows took the honours with forty-one points, a score of one under the card. Countback decided second and third with Gary Smith edging out Jimmy Carr with a superior back nine. All the near pins were taken going to Gary Smith, Alan Sullivan, Niall Glover, and Michael Brett.
A word of caution to all those intending to visit Thailand for the holiday season, be prepared to see higher than usual fees, some courses are charging what can only be described as fantasy fees. Perhaps bookings from a certain country north of here must be very high, otherwise, courses may get a reality check and have to revise their fees, we wait and see.
Friday, October 6th
1st Niall Glover (13) 35 points
2nd Gary Smith (5) 33 points
3rd Craig Dows (4) 31 points
Near pins Paul Smith, Craig Dows, & Niall Glover
The last game of the week was played at Pattavia in cloudy but fine conditions. As yet we have not had a flood in Pattaya this monsoon season, could we get through without one, if so it would be the first time in years.
The Pattavia course was in decent condition today with slower than usual greens, despite that nobody really took the course apart. For the second time this week, Niall Glover took first place this time with thirty-five points on one of his favourite courses. Gary Smith took second place on thirty-three points with Craig Dows two back in third. The seventeenth near pin went unclaimed with the other three going to Paul Smith, Craig Dows, and Niall Glover
The first of the regular high-season visitors made their appearance today with Neil Jones, Richard Baldotto, and Dave Ashman all playing their first games of the season
Winner at Greenwood & Pattavia Niall Glover.
Winner at Burapha Craig Dows with his best mate.
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