Soi Dao 24th and 25th October 2023

It was in the pre-covid years that we visited for the last time. We looked already weeks forward to this trip. And Tuesday we left early in the morning direction Canterbury. After checking in the hotel and finding our rooms we prepared for the first round of golf.

We had to digest a disappointment when we were told that the front nine holes were closed. We had to play the back nine twice. The first day we played 2 ball better ball with the combination high/low handicap. Enough challenges in the course to make it an exciting experience. The condition of the course was not very good due to the rain in the night before.

The 2 par-3 holes were too difficult for the most of us. Only Sam Jeffery was successful on the last par 3.

The team competition was more exciting. Each team was in the 30 stable ford points. Real top scores were not possible by the condition of the course. After counting the results won Stephen Ford and Willem Lasonder with 39 stable ford points. The runners up were Sam Jeffery and Sam Gettinby with 38 stable ford points.

After golf we had a nice sit together on the terrace for a drink and later for dinner It was a wonderful evening and perfect serviced by the staff of Soi Dao. The restaurant offers a rich variety of food and drinks. So, we heard all the interesting moments of the first day.

On Wednesday we should play individual stable ford. We were very happy that we the second could play the full 18 holes. The front nine is more interesting and more beautiful than the back nine. We were warned that there was an extra handicap. The greens had been maintained on Tuesday and were full of sand. But it was still good to do. It was an overcast day and a nice temperature and not much breeze. We enjoyed it very much.

There was a wide range of results. We don’t publish all the individual scores preventing embarrassment.

Bob Edwards was the man of the day. He won with 37 stable ford points. Runner up was John Feeney with 36 stable ford points.

The 2 par-3 holes were too difficult for the most of us. Only 2 players were successful. Sam Jeffery won in the first loop the first near pin and Steve Carroll was in the second loop successful on both.


The results of the 2days:

24th October 2 ball better ball

1st Stephen Ford (13) & Willem Lasonder (36)               39 points

2nd Sam Jeffery (15) & Sam Gettinby (36)                       38 points

Near pin:  Sam Jeffery


25th October individual stable ford

1st Bob Edwards (11)                                                          37 points

2nd John Feeney (23)                                                          36 points

Near pins: Sam Jeffery and Steve Carroll

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