Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club

PSC Sport

Sport has been an integral part of the Pattaya Sports Club since it’s inception over 40 years ago. Initially limited to a few friends getting together for a knock around game of golf the range of Club activities developed dramatically as the membership base expanded to include people from all over the world with diverse interests and sporting acumen.


 Having 27 championship golf courses within an hour all offering extremely competitive rates makes golfing here a real pleasure.

There are 11 member groups who play regularly under the PSC banner utilizing the new PSC handicap system details of which can be found in the Golf pages. Read more…

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Although cricket has been played in Thailand for many years, it wasn’t until 2010 that a group of enthusiasts started playing in Pattaya. Traditionally a sport played by expatriates it now has developed much more interest in the local Thai community with the success of the Thai National Teams, particularly the Women, who are currently ranked No. 11 in the world in the T20 format.

The Pattaya Cricket Club (PCC) is now well established, they recently moved to their new purpose-built ground inside the fabulous Pattana Sports Resort. It is a fantastic facility and the envy of many cricketers in Thailand.

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Lawn Bowls

The sport of lawn bowls has seen a resurgence in recent years and is increasingly popular amongst locals and expats alike. The area now boasts Three lawn bowls facilities, Paradise Lawn Bowls Jomtien, Coco Club Indoor Lawn Bowls sporting with artificial greens and the Retreat Lawn Bowls Club having both grass and carpet at the same location.

Each Club has their own internal competitions and practice sessions and all welcome new players and will offer instruction to beginners.

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Pickle Ball

Pickleball is a sport that combines elements of tennis, ping pong, and badminton into one family-friendly game. It can be played singles or doubles on a court that looks like a tennis court but is much smaller. Instead of tennis rackets, you use paddles and a plastic ball. Read   more…


Great place to learn the game and grow as players. We have multiple courts for play PICKLEBALL, BADMINTON, TENNIS, TABLE TENNIS and more. EXTRAS : coaching available / equipment shop available. We also have sports mall for buying / renting play equipment’s.   Read more…     



Badminton is one of the world’s most popular sports due to its history of development and growth. Here are a few reasons why: Easy to get set up and play! Badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, and a net are a few of the basic items needed to start playing the game.

Badminton is a fun, active sport which is an easy game to practice with few painless rules. It boosts up your muscles, adds strength to the muscles, improves blood flow rate and the benefits are endless. Read more…

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Fishing parks have developed hugely in recent years and now Pattaya area boasts six top class facilities which have grown in popularity amongst local residents and visitors.

All six locations offer a diverse range of challenges to suit experience and budget.

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